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Core idea behind Tabü Lümen Bulb

Using the most simple and direct method, Lumen empower people

to control their personal lighting environment from their mobile

device and revolutionize the way people interact with their light.

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Let’s Welcome Our New Members to the Tabü Lümen Family!!

With all the support from our successful Kickstarter Campaign, we have finally launched The LüMini in Aug. It is a simple and affordable smart mood light bulb that can fill people’s life with exciting colors. We have designed the LüMini to be compact in size and works with one or more alternative standard sockets (E14/E27/E26/E12), which make it suitable for all size lamps.

The third member that’s added to the family is the LüMen Strip. It is is a flexible home lighting toy. With the Lümen Strip you can be your own lighting designer from now on; bend, shape and tape your strips anyway and anywhere you want to create the best lighting environment for you and your family.



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RGBW Control

You can easily customize your lighting
colors to match your desired mood and

Lumen App provides various modes tn
suit your needs on different occasions.

In RGB Control:

Party mode 1&2

Transforms your living room into a dance floor in a matter of second. (Pre-programmed flashing beats that matches normal music)

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Romance mode

Creates the perfect condition for a romantic date or a quiet evening at home.

White Evening Champagne Bag Women's Color Handbag Small Bag Square Fashion Pearl KERVINFENDRIYUN Relaxation mode

Simulates calming moonlight to improve sleep and enhance rest.

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Call Alert mode

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Notify you when there is an incoming call. You will never have to miss any important phone calls again.

Music Sync mode

Visualize your music by synchronizing your music and lighting effecting


Your light will know whenever and wherever you are in or away from the house.

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Bag Women's Evening Color Small Handbag Fashion Pearl Bag White Square Champagne KERVINFENDRIYUN In Warm White Control:

Cool Features:

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Color White Champagne Evening Women's Small Bag Handbag Square Fashion Bag KERVINFENDRIYUN Pearl Why is Lumen better?

The Lumen Smart Bulb combines the practical utility of a standard white bulb, the party fun of multi-coloured lights, and the longevity and costs savings of an LED bulb. All of this, within a single package that works with existing standard bulb sockets already in our homes. Everything can be controlled easily from a proprietary application in our mobile smart phone.

Champagne Handbag Small Color Bag Fashion Evening Pearl Bag White KERVINFENDRIYUN Women's Square Power Saving and Long Lasting

400 lumens is the equivalent of a traditional 40W light bulb, with much lower power consumption, Lumen is able to create the same amount of light as a conventional light bulb. Besides energy savings, the Lumen also has a longer life span, translating to obvious money savings.

White KERVINFENDRIYUN Bag Bag Square Women's Color Evening Champagne Small Fashion Pearl Handbag Bluetooth 4.0 Controls

Why Bluetooth 4.0? BT 4.0 is the new trend and they are available in all the new apple device. it allow to establish a direct interaction between the device and Lumen, which just make everything so much easier. Bluetooth 4.0 also have the advantage of multi control capabilities and with a range of up to 30ft, you control all the Lumen bulbs in your home right from the palm of your hand whether you’re in the bed room or the living room.

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